Steps Involved in Repairing Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

If you only know what and how to do it, refinishing kitchen cabinets is an easy task. Complete makeover is just simple.  In fact, it will just take short period of time if you have all the necessary tools and knowledge.  Are you interested to know about refinishing and transforming your kitchen cabinets into a type of kitchen that you like?  Here are the steps that you could take:

Actually, before you proceed on your plan to refinish your kitchen and bath cabinets and do repairs, you must have concrete plan to end up with the perfect finish and the best results which is your goal. Since tools are important, then take time to prepare set of screwdrivers, scrapers, sanding blocks, paint brushes, wood putty, paint stripper, masking tape, an old cloth or other material which you can use to protect surfaces, and more.

Now, we may begin by doing the first step.  You need to completely empty the cabinets that you wish to refinish.  Then, remove all the cabinet’s shelves and doors.  Be sure to label each one so it will be easy for you to reconnect them.  Now, proceed with performing a thorough cleaning of the cabinets.  It is in fact important to remove any dust or dirt on the cabinets as this will ensure that the paint settles correctly throughout.  Applying paint on a dirty surface will hinder better results.  You better apply paint stripper to a damp cloth and apply a full wipe down on each cabinet.  Paint stripper will eventually help remove any stubborn grease or any dirt from the kitchen and bath cabinets.

You may now proceed with removing all the paint which is currently on your cabinets.  Though it is not really necessary to remove the paint, however it is essential if you are after that your cabinets will appear in a clear gloss or varnish.  Be sure to use a paint stripper and a sander when removing paint.  Yet, sand the kitchen and bath cabinets down before applying paint stripper so that the excess paint can easily be removed.  After that, proceed with filling in wood putty any dents or chips that is present on your cabinets.  Try to look for any dents or chips and fill in.  Do not ignore this since it can cause problems.  If you wish to find dents in the quickest way, slowly run your hand over each on the cabinets and feel any unusual thing in the cabinet’s surface.

Then, apply primer to the cabinets as this will create a layer that will attach with your paint.  Primer will also bring out color in the paint and give your cabinets the most effective finish.  Eventually, primer helps stop the paint from running.  Then, finally, apply the paint of your choice to your cabinets.  This is the final process of refinishing.  Several types of paint are available on the market and you can choose the one that you desire.  Take time to choose the paint that you like to give your cabinets the best refinish that you would like to get.

Following the steps stated above would be a great way of refinishing and repairing kitchen and bath cabinets.  Just hold on to the steps and this will help you in your move of refinishing and repairing.

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